Wooden stairs
We have been designing and manufacturing stairs since 1993. In the meantime, we have made various stairs, such as: wooden stairs, wooden + marble stairs, wooden + metal stairs, we have produced stairs with various railings and railings; we have built stairs in private houses and hotels; we have produced ultra-modern and classic stairs.
Door manufacturing technology has not changed dramatically in the last 15 years. Our interior doors are made of high-quality raw materials, with proven methods and modern technologies.
SIA “B Galdnieks” manufactures wooden furniture to individual order. We produce non-standard wooden furniture that stands out with its individual design and high quality.

About us

Boriss Goldshmit

Head of SIA "B Galdnieks"

B Galdnieks LTD was established in 2000 and registered in the Latvian Enterprise Register under the number 40003545346. The specialization of our company is  uniquely defined  – we are the wood manufacture professionals. Our main areas of activity: production of doorsstaircases and windows, as well as an exclusive wooden products.

Individual approach

A small group of our professional workers will create a high-quality products for you, which you will never find in the stock of the main stream companies. We do not make products which “look like in that store or from that manufacturer” we produce our goods the way you prefer them to be. We will manufacture the products according to your architectural (designer’s) blueprints, drawings or sketches. If don’t have any we will offer some options, or elaborate your doors, stairs and windows together with you.


Modern equipment; advanced production technology and control; high-quality raw materials from well-known companies; and in the first stead – mostly professional workers. All this is a contribution to an advance quality, and as a result to a long and trouble-free usage of our products. Our employees didn’t come in wood manufacture yesterday, and it’s not even the first ten years, since we are specializing in wooden products’ elaboration.


Our experience gained throughout the years – is the guarantee of the highest quality goods that we offer to you.


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