Door manufacturing technology has not changed dramatically in the last 15 years. Our interior doors are made of high-quality raw materials, with proven methods and modern technologies. Our products, both wooden exterior doors and interior doors, are made of wood that is in excellent condition, so it does not have the properties that are often characteristic of wood, but it is like a deformation caused by seasonal changes.

Our wooden exterior doors are manufactured with proven methods, modern technologies and materials. They are manufactured using high-quality raw materials, which in combination with modern production technology create a product that stands out with high durability and impeccable design. Therefore, our wooden exterior doors will delight you, protect you and serve you for many years. For lovers of classics, we offer the opportunity to copy in detail the appearance, materials and, most importantly, the methodology of production of old doors. Modern door manufacturing and fastening solutions help to solve problems such as: non-standard doors and uneven walls. We use AKZO NOBEL, Legno and Beckers materials, which give our products a modern, elegant look and ensure a long life.

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