We have been designing and manufacturing stairs since 1993. In the meantime, we have made various stairs, such as: wooden stairs, wooden + marble stairs, wooden + metal stairs, we have produced stairs with various railings and railings; we have built stairs in private houses and hotels; we have produced ultra-modern and classic stairs.

We work with the latest computer programs, which allows us to quickly and efficiently design and optimize the construction of the stairs in your house. As soon as we have received your order – practically right, without leaving the site, we can determine what stair construction is necessary for your house. We can make a staircase project even during an architectural project or construction of a house. And, of course, when creating a ladder, your suggestions and wishes will be taken into account. Stairs are an extremely important element of a home. Stairs must be highly functional, match and enhance the style of the home, as well as serve a long life, while maintaining both functionality and appearance. The wooden stairs we produce are a classic feature that has proven itself over the centuries. Wooden stairs, combined with additional materials: marble or metal, stand out with a modern design and special strength.

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